Hello my dear chellakutties, I am RJ Rangooski aka Aarthy. I am your chirpy, witty, easy-going, vaaai oyama pesara proper madurai kaara ponnu. Nammaku seriousness lam set-eh aagadunga. 

Adhu enna “Rangooski”-nu kekareengala? I am called “kosu” for my naughtiness and wandering nature. Later inda kosu-ke vecha peyaru thaan “RANGOOSKI”

I am a Certified Public Accountant and a Company Secretary by profession. Pidicha vishayangal – Singing, Dancing, Travelling, and Talking. Ippadi pesi pesi thaan Radio Dhool-kum entry kuduthen. We all travel on the same road called life which is amazing and yet awful at times. Who doesn't feel bored and drained performing mundane tasks and everyday chores? But, here I am to pump up your energy with interesting life episodes in my show “why blood same blood” every Monday to Friday 11 am to 2 pm.