Vanaskaaram fraands!!! *Places hand on radio* Naan solvadhellaam unmai, unmaiyai thavira verondrum illai, because my life is based on a true story. My name is Alex. Kazhudha vayasaanaalum vilayaattu buddhi maaraadha sutthamaana Salem paiyan. Naan oru (untrained) singer of songs, (amateur) clicker of photographs, (curious) wanderer of the world, (passionate) cooker and (professional) eater of all kinds of food (because foodie is a word, theeni pandaaram is an emotion). I love memes, dank humour, sarcasm, movies and music. Adhum Tamil Cinema music na uyir. Die hard fan of thailaivARR and Yuvan. These things aside, one of my most favourite things to do and THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is TO TALK, especially about all the things I’ve mentioned here (Agmark certified Motor Vaai). Adhanaala summa vettiya pesittu irukkaama unga kooda ellaam Radio Dhool moolama pesa vandhrukken. So makkaley listen to me talk about all the latest news on anything and everything under the sun, every Sunday morning between 9 am and 11 am on my show " Jill.. Jung.. Juck”

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