I am Sriram, SF Bay area la irukkira oru pakka Chennai-vaasi. I enjoy traveling and might seem like an introvert, but once pazhagitta pesikitte iruppen.  A long distance runner, sila pala half & full marathons odirukken. Chinna vayasulendhey maths & numbers na pidikaradhalayo enavo, Sila NGOs ku kanakku pullaiya AKA Treasurer-a irundhirukken. I also enjoy working in creative spaces, Tamil stage dramas ku set design & executive producer work pannirukken, Kollywood & Bollywood la pala movies ku video engineer ah work pannirukken, but am not a movie buff. Like to eat new and local food, but not a connoisseur. Basically I like to learn and do new things. In other words Jack of all trades, master of none. Andha maadhiri oru attempt la dhaan I started a podcast on parenting and that lead me to this role of an RJ. Listen to me every Saturday between 5PM to 7PM hosting the show “Kaasu Mela Kaasu”.