I am Srikanth originally from Chennai, now living in Pittsburgh along with my Wife and 2 kids. i finished Engineering and joined a I.T. Services company to become a  "CTRL+C & CTRL+V" expert which brought me to USA in 2007. my Nirvana moment came in July 2020 when i saw an ad for an RJ Audition with Radio Dhool, because of which you are reading my Bio now. my biggest strengths are my positivity, humor, compassion and "relationship first" attitude which makes me a great companion, be it in person or over the radio.

Typical Chennai ponnu who loves to roam around the city, day or night.

Padichadhu : I finished my engineering and  just like everybody else I worked in I.T. industry for the past 10 years. But, "idelam set agadu pa" nu I jumped in to 'RJ'-ing.

Pudichadhu : "Enga ponalum paadiye koluvapa"  is the phrase I hear the most among my peers. So, yes I love to sing. List la aduthadhu is talking and cinema. I am Aarathi and you can catch me on Kollywood Appatakkar.


I’m your average USA settled IT-life based girl who doesn’t necessarily love her job and thinks she could’ve done so much better in life if only she had followed her passion but is clueless on where to start. now, you can relate to that, I’m among the majority of the 90s Indian kids. I love traveling (A LOT), acting, hiking, going to places that aren’t touristy but have a character to them, hosting shows, dancing, meeting people, painting, interior decor, being a plant mom, being a dog mom and figuring out how to make enough money so my retirement doesn’t suck. I am Dhanya and I will be your Travel Agent every Saturday.


A nomadic soul who has got his hands on many trades like FilmMaking, Acting, RJ/VJ, also loves to pen poems and stories..!! I am Adhavan and when my eyes turned to business I took a leap of faith to Paris, France to pursue my MBA! after exploring 12 countries, I found my professional calling in Germany.  Coincidentally, my passion took its own path and I found my voice in Rj-ing once again! Its an irony although they stopped me from coming to US five times, but paavam they couldn't stop me from airing my voice all over the states. *Villain smile*


Pesa sonnale moochu thenara thenara pesuven. Ipo Mike kodhuthu kooda pesarathukku hall passum kodhutha!!!

I am PK. A petrol head, gamer and an avid music lover who loves to talk. Well, indha madiri interests ah vechutu Bill Gates ah va aaga mudiyum. 


Stay Tuned...

This is Jeyashree, Software Engineer by profession, RJ by passion and a dancer by heart. If you ask what do I like to do the most in my life, I would say “to Talk”, yes! I can talk about anything under the sun, from Edapadi Pazhanichami to Kamala HArris, Gaana Songs to Carnatic music, Movies, Books, etc., I moved to The U.S. 10 years ago and have been a Passionate RJ for last the 4 years and have been associated with multiple online radios. I am going to bring to you the Top 20 Chartbusters every Saturday! Stay Tuned!


I Love to enjoy my life as it flows like a river, just like my name Nadhi. I am a Travel lover and a music lover. My mantra in life is "Happy Mind Happy Life". finally, an engineer by Profession and an RJ by passion.

Confessions of a drama queen:

Oh yeah you read that right..! My life has already been filled with a lot of crazy stuff and drama, in a fun way though. I am Mirdhu  and I am so passionate about dancing and baking. I'm not a trained dancer but when I hear music my feet start tapping to the tunes. I'm an HR by profession and it goes without saying that I love interacting with people. I may look like a quiet person but appearances are deceptive, you see. I talk a lot, so no wonder my show is named "Why Blood.. Same Blood.."

Hola, My name is Jo and my buddies think of me as fun, friendly and a complete people person. I started my career as a successful RJ at Radio Mirchi, India where my expertise  included hosting live shows, celebrity interviews and doing a number of voice overs and dubbing. I live my life to the fullest and believe in positive energy. Global movies and music form a major part of my world and I am soooo excited to bring you all that entertaining side of mine to host a peppy show on Radio Dhool. Enjoy the ride my darlings ::)


RJ Nandhini-aagiya Naan, Chatty, Voluble, Loquacious. Simple ah sollanumna Nithyanandha la irundhu Nicki Minaj varai ellathai patthiyum pesa pudikkum. Basically pesa pudikkum. Pesikitte irukka pudikkum.  Vaai ah illa ithu paduthu thoongra paai ah nu kaetkra alavukku vaai jaasthi.  Athuvum Kalaaikrathula Phd mudichu flying colors la pass pannirukken. Yes am the girl your mom said not to mess with. 

Apart from talking I love Cinema, Music, Fitness, Fashion, Dance. Ithu ellathayum vida ennai enakku romba pidikkum. Yaenna naan oru Original piece. Limited edition. Ariya kandu pidippu. After my MBA,

I joined Advertising and handled ads for Coca-Cola, Moods (Yes! you heard it right), The Hindu, Pothys, Meera, RMKV, Cadbury etc. After that Radio. Took up the role of Music Manager, Rj, Voice over artiste, Producer. Then Sun TV. Was a channel head for one of the kids channels. Then America happened. Now back to Radio to rock the Airwaves once again.

I am Monisha and I'm  an aspiring animation and games Producer. I graduated during the historical pandemic year "2020". while I  pursue my professional journey on one side, I bring my talking superpowers as a radio jockey on the other side.  On a given day, you can see me travelling, exploring the city or with a hot cup of coffee and a good book. If you too love stories, join me on "Kadan vaangiya kadhai", every evening. Fun fact, I have done plenty of voice overs for radio commercials and tv ads, as well as a kids show in Sun Network.


Remember that neighbor friend with whom we can share everything under the sun with no hesitation? My name is Macrin and I am that neighbor . Calling myself an ambivert will be an outrageous lie as I am an extrovert all the way. I can make friends in a jiffy. And what makes me think I can click with you instantly? when you are with me, there is absolutely zero judgement.

I love to talk for hours and hours and also to find like minded people. Now that I have found my new identity as an  RJ, what better topic to talk about other than Social Media?