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You might have heard people refer to someone as a "Know it all" kinda guy. But RJ Prassanna is a "Find it all" kinda guy. Confused? Let us explain. why was Bluetooth named Bluetooth?, where did the dagger in King tut's mummy come from?, why does my speedometer have unto 240 when we will never drive that fast? RJ Prassanna is sure to have the answers to all these questions. He has this very special talent, its called curiosity. If you share that talent too, then you should tune in to his show.

Saturdays 9aM - 11aM(US/Canada/India)

All in All Azhagu Raja

With RJ Prassanna

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Saturdays 5PM - 7pM(Uk)

Jo’s Bioscopin Microscope is a diary of unnoticed trivia of old and new movies that only an obsessive (just sigh of crazy) fan like her would spot and store in the brain. Get ready to have your interest piqued by her, as you’d probably want to watch those movies again after Jo points things about them that’ll get stuck in your head the whole day.

Saturdays 11aM - 1PM(US/Canada/India)

Bioscopin Microscope

With Jo

Jo Comic Cut-Out1.png

Saturdays 7PM - 9PM(Uk)

Dhool Express

Mon - Sun 1pM - 3PM(US/Canada/India)

Dhool express is your express..! A place to express your feeling, the fun and the joy with the whole world out there , by choosing the song that relates with you the most at the time, and dedicating it to that one person who shares that vibe with you.

Dhool Logo(Hand) - Transparent.png

Mon - Sun 2pM - 4PM(Uk)

Dhool 25

Saturdays 3pM - 5PM(US/Canada/India)

Are you one of those people who has to have a song playing in loop the whole day every now and then? If you can’t find your latest looping track, tune in to Dhool 25, The best thing trending music back to back. We make the playlist so you don't have to worry about searching and lining up the best. 

Saturdays 10aM - 12PM(Uk)

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Kaasu Mela Kaasu
With RJ sriram

Saturdays 5pM - 7PM(US/Canada/india)

In our fast paced lives, the temptation to spend is also growing by the day. How and where can we save, when is the right time to invest on a home, is 401K worth it, what is the best way to set up a college fund for my kids, what is social security tax, and many many more questions about managing money may arise in your head. Why worry when RJ Sriram is here. He has the answer to all of these questions and more. 

Sriram Cut Out.png

uravugal Thodarkadhai
With RJ Sowmiya           

Saturdays 7pM - 9PM(US/Canada/india)

Uravugal Thodarkadhai with RJ Sowmiya is focused on relationships and their snafus that are commonly seen in the present age. Thanks to her wide wisdom, RJ Sowmiya will explore those in detail and will help you see beauty in everything and relationships you develop with people and things around you.

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Saturdays 8aM - 10aM(UK)

Saturdays 12pM - 2PM(Uk)

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