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Jill.. Jung.. Juck..
with RJ Alex

Sundays 9aM - 12aM(US/Canada/India)

Suda suda Sunday morning ah inum soodaka, RJ Alex wakes u up  with his shot of caffeine just like a steaming cup of cappuccino . He will be dissecting/ sectioning  the contemporary incidents around the world into Jill Jung and Juck with his unique sense of dank humor, sarcasm and serves them to you aavi parakka with a pinch of salt. To those of y’all unaware about Jill , Jung and juck , now is the time to revisit “Kadhalan “ .

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Sundays 5pM - 8pM(Uk)

Dhool Express

Mon-Sun 12pM - 3PM(Us/Canada/india)

Dhool express is your express..! A place to express your feeling, the fun and the joy with the whole world out there , by choosing the song that relates with you the most at the time, and dedicating it to that one person who shares that vibe with you.

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Mon-Sun 2pM -4PM(Uk)

tea Kadai

With Maapi

Sundays 5pM - 7PM(US/Canada/india)

If you have ever been to a tea kadai back in India, you know exactly what happens there. Vetti Pechu on the highest level possible, Politics, Cinema, Sports and everything under the sun will be discussed with utmost details right there. That will be Tea kadai with Maapi for you. on a Sunday evening sip on some tea, and listen to maapi as he takes you over and also roasts some over the tea kadai bench. 

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Sundays 8aM - 10aM(Uk)

With RJ Monsey

Sundays 7pM - 9PM(US/Canada/india)

Is there a better way to end your weekend and prepare yourself for the Monday blues than by listening to the nostalgic music from the 80s, 90s and 2000s? Let’s go down the memory lane with RJ Monsey to experience the what’s and why’s of songs from the past.


Sundays 12pM - 2pM(Uk)

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