Why Blood..Same Blood
with RJ Meenu

Mon - Fri 11AM - 1PM(US/Canada/India)

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Mon - Fri 7PM - 9PM (UK)

Namma Makkal need no explanation for this title, "Why Blood..Same Blood.." helps you find a friend in RJ Meenu who is going through the hassles of everyday life in this modern world, be it piles of laundry, lousy spouse, and all the ingredients that make life today quirky and fun. This Show going to try and help you out in the process with the list of chores.

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Dhool Express

Mon - sun 1pM - 3PM(US/canada/India)

Dhool express is your express..! A place to express your feeling, the fun and the joy with the whole world out there , by choosing the song that relates with you the most at the time, and dedicating it to that one person who shares that vibe with you.

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Mon - sun 2pM - 4PM(Uk)

Kollywood Appatakkar
With RJ AArathi                

Mon - Fri 3pM - 5PM(US/Canada/India)

She is glued to Kollywood, and there's no end to her happy gossip on the stars and scenes of Tamil cinema making her an "Appatakkar". Y'all know gossips pretty much fuel the film industry, and putting RJ Aarathi on air is like lighting the matchstick. Here comes the fireworks.

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Mon - Fri 12pM - 2PM(Uk)

With RJ Rangooski

When the bustle and hustle of the day wears in during the evening, RJ Rangooski helps you unwind with some breezy information, brain tickling riddles and brain teasers. Are you Ready to Relax and chill? then Get, Set, Chillax

Mon - Fri 5pM - 7PM(US/Canada/India)


Mon - Fri 8AM - 10aM(UK)

Mon - Fri 7pM - 9PM(US/Canada/India)

Kadan Vaangiya Kadhai
With RJ Anu      

It is important to always read a bedtime story. Else how would your dream know where to begin. But who now has the time to read a story everyday? Thats where RJ Anu steps in with her dream-like voice and her subtle narration to make you live the story than hear it as she narrates beautiful stories written by authors waiting to see the limelight coming their way.

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Mon - Fri 10aM - 12PM(UK)