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Someone once said " Every dream begins with a dreamer" and now that dream is what has brought me here.

Hello all, I am Dhivyaa and I am the founder of Radio Dhool.

I have always been very passionate about radio. I am sure it has rubbed on me from my dad who started his career as an announcer at 'All India Radio'. When I took up the opportunity to be an RJ of a drive time show at Radio City in Coimbatore, it gave me a platform to try out new things, make mistakes and a thorough learning experience. It has been 10 years since I moved to the U.S., and my passion for Radio has not diminished one bit. I allowed that passion to be my purpose and take over my inhibitions.

And BOOM! Radio Dhool happened. 

What makes our team extremely unique is, we all work remotely, without having seen each other and not knowing if that day will ever come. We all share the same enthusiasm and passion for our job, thereby making the impossible happen. I am very excited and proud to provide this platform for us to explore and for you to enjoy. We as a team will always strive to provide you with the best listener experience and a space to feel that happy vibe. Dhool Kelapalaam Vaanga...!

THE Story..

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