Hellooo. Naan RJ Anu and I’m that very passionate, happy girl who wants to live life to the fullest! Radio enoda mudhal kaadhal. 18 vayasule internship panre nu aarambichadhu apidiye Producer, Voice-Over Artist nu love increase aite pochu.. Apram media industry-a explore panna poren nu TV channel, Production house, E-commerce website nu neraiya media houses le romba romba enjoy panni work pannirken. US vandhu 7 years aachu.. IT le marketing vellai, Volunteering nu Inga vandhum Neraiya exploring, Neraiya learning and Neraiya experiences! Enna irundhalum first love maari varuma? So I’m back as an RJ with so much kaadhal for this creative space! Tune in and Listen to me on ‘Kadan Vaangiya Kadhai’ every evening and see what listening to good stories can do to your life! 💕

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