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You might have heard people refer to someone as a "Know it all" kinda guy. But RJ Prassanna is a "Find it all" kinda guy. Confused? Let us explain. why was Bluetooth named Bluetooth?, where did the dagger in King tut's mummy come from?, why does my speedometer have unto 240 when we will never drive that fast? RJ Prassanna is sure to have the answers to all these questions. He has this very special talent, its called curiosity. If you share that talent too, then you should tune in to his show.

all in all azhaguraja
with RJ Prassanna

Saturdays 9am - 11am(US/Canada)

Saturdays 5pm - 7pm(Uk)

repeats on Wednesdays

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Dhool 25

sat&sun 11am - 1PM(US/Canada)

Are you one of those people who has to have a song playing in loop the whole day every now and then? If you can’t find your latest looping track, tune in to Dhool 25, The best thing trending music back to back. We make the playlist so you don't have to worry about searching and lining up the best. 

Dhool 25.png

sat&sun 7pm - 9PM(UK)

Dhool Express

Mon - Sun 1pM - 3PM(US/Canada)

Dhool express is your express..! A place to express your feeling, the fun and the joy with the whole world out there , by choosing the song that relates with you the most at the time, and dedicating it to that one person who shares that vibe with you.

Dhool EXP.png

Mon - Sun 2pM - 4PM(Uk)

Times are such that our whole life is seen through the eyes of social media. But how do you say the good and bad, truth and fake apart? That's where RJ Suhasni comes in with all that you need to know and all that is trending on social media. Her girl next door vibe will keep you company for the much needed break on a Saturday afternoon. 

Saturdays 3pM - 5PM(US/Canada)

Hashtag fake id
With RJ Suhasni

Saturdays 10aM - 12PM(Uk)

repeats on Mondays

Comic Pic - Suhasni_edited.png

Get, set, chillax
With RJ Rangooski

Get ready to indulge in a laid-back journey through the week's current affairs and beyond, all served with a generous dose of relaxation. From light-hearted takes on trending topics to uplifting stories from around the globe, our show is designed to be your sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Whether you're unwinding after a busy week or gearing up for a leisurely weekend ahead, Get, Set, Chillax promises to be your companion for all things chill and cheerful.

Saturdays 5pM - 7PM(US/Canada)

saturdays 8aM - 10aM(Uk)

repeats on Thursdays

uravugal Thodarkadhai
With RJ Sowmiya           

Saturdays 7pM - 9PM(US/Canada)

Uravugal Thodarkadhai with RJ Sowmiya is focused on relationships and their snafus that are commonly seen in the present age. Thanks to her wide wisdom, RJ Sowmiya will explore those in detail and will help you see beauty in everything and relationships you develop with people and things around you.

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Sowmiya Comic Cut Out1.png

Saturdays 12pM - 2PM(Uk)

repeats on Mondays

With RJ Meenu

Meenu Comic Cut-Out.png

Sundays 9am - 11aM(US/Canada)

Suda suda Sunday morning ah inum soodaka, RJ Meenu wakes u up  with her shot of caffeine just like a steaming cup of cappuccino . sHe will be dissecting/ sectioning incidents around the world into Jill Jung and Juck with her unique sense of dark humor, sarcasm and serves them to you aavi parakka with a pinch of salt. To those of y’all unaware about Jill , Jung and juck , now is the time to revisit “Kadhalan “ .

Sundays 5pM - 7PM(Uk)

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kollywood Appatakkar
With RJ Aarathi

Aarathi Cut Out - 2.png

Sundays 3pM - 5PM(US/Canada)

She is glued to Kollywood, and there's no end to her happy gossip on the stars and scenes of Tamil cinema making her an "Appatakkar". Y'all know gossips pretty much fuel the film industry, and putting RJ Aarathi on air is like lighting the matchstick. Here comes the fireworks.

sundays 10aM - 12PM(Uk)

Anju mani gilli
With RJ Alli

RJ Alli Comic Pic_edited.png

sundays 5pM - 7PM(US/Canada)

fun, frolic, information, news, facts you name it and RJ Alli will have it. That is why she is the Anju mani gilli after all. Listen to her while she brings you a round up of the week in 2 hours along with great music.  be ready to get bowled over.

sundays 8aM - 10aM(Uk)

repeats on wednesdays

repeats on tuesdays

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Kadan Vaangiya Kadhai
With RJ Anu

Anu Comic Cut Out.png

Sundays 7pM - 9PM(US/Canada)

It is important to always read a bedtime story. Else how would your dream know where to begin. But who now has the time to read a story everyday? Thats where RJ Anu steps in with her dream-like voice and her subtle narration to make you live the story than hear it as she narrates beautiful stories written by authors waiting to see the limelight coming their way.

Saturdays 12pM - 2PM(Uk)

repeats on fridays

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Gym body

Gym Body will get you into the groove of music, mind and body. We challenge you to try and resist the temptation to get up and start grooving while we play for you the kind of music that sets your foot loose. We also take pleasure in spreading our idea that music is one common thing that helps the health of both mind and body at the same time.

Mon,Thu & Fri 5pM - 7PM(US/Canada)

Mon,Thu & Fri 8AM - 10aM(UK)

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